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Who are the Lions?

An international organisation of clubs formed to help their local communities.

What about Billericay Lions?

Presently 25 members aged from 30s upwards, we are best known for our annual Christmas Sleigh street collection and our Saturday morning bookstall in the High Street

Club Activities

Fund Raising Is a fundamental part of our activities! As a volunteer organisation we aim to meet the needs of local communities and the world and without fund raising we cannot get that job done.
Our motto is ‘We Serve’
Charitable Distribution We aim to distribute most of what we raise for the benefit of the local community. A small amount goes towards international projects such as water wells in Africa (to help self sufficiency) and cataract operations to cure preventable blindness in the third world.
Some spending is by way of donations. This might be to local charitable organisations (such as BOSP, Essex Social Care, St Luke’s Hospice, Hamelin House), local individuals (either with disabilities, or young people needing worthwhile sponsorship) or to national charities such as the British Heart Foundation or Vitalise.
Other spending is on organising events. These include an annual senior citizens’ concert and swimming galas for people with disabilities.
Community Service Some help involves time rather than money. We have a regular commitment to provide monthly transport to a local club for arthritis sufferers, and occasional minibus transport for disabled people.
Social We run an active programme of social events for the benefit of members, their families and friends. Apart from an annual dinner dance, these have included quiz and games nights, rambles,  Sunday lunches and evening meals,  theatre trips, wine and cheese evenings, sporting events etc.

What Commitment is required?

Being in a Lions club can be a busy pastime but, with the activities shared between the members, it is good fun and isn’t too onerous. Club meetings are once a fortnight and there are sub committees as well to organise different aspects of the club’s activities.

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