2017 Real Ales

It’s a little too early to let you know what will be on the beer list but to give you  a taster here was the provisional  selection we had planned for 2017, as in previous years we had tried to find a selection of beers that includes some you wouldn’t normally find in Billericay or even Essex outside a beer festival whilst still supporting our local breweries.

We also have a great selection of Ciders and Perrys.

BreweryBeerStrength StyleSponsor
AshoverAll Saits5.5%Wheat
Butts Pale Ale5.5%Pale Ale
BilericaySun Corner Gold3.9%Golden
Black Rod IPA4.2%Black IPADonated by Billericay Round Table
My Old Man3.9%Amber
Rusty's Revenge4.0%BlondeDonated by Billericay Round Table
Vanilla Bill3.9%Mild
DowntonEureka4.6%Pale Ale
Solvenia Dream4.5%Blonde
Elephant SchoolLager than LifeTbcKolsch
EnfeildLondon Porter5.5%Porter
Great HeckAmish Mash4.7%Wheat
KeppelsGolden Crow4.0%BlondeDonated by Keppels Brewery
Two Crows5.7%Old Ale
London Fields3 Weiss Monkeys5.0%Wheat
Hackney Hopster4.2%Pale Ale
Love Not War4.2%Red
LythamIce King4.4%Blonde
Pilsner Radler3.8%Pilsner
Mad SquirrelHopfest3.8%Pale Ale
Mister Squirerel4.0%Bitter
Mighty OakCaptain Bob3.8%Bitter
White Willow4.9%Wheat
New RiverLost River4.0%Pale Ale
Riverbed Red4.2%Red
Old DairySilver Top4.5%Cream Stout
Summer Top3.6%Golden
SaffronEssex Serpent4.5%Brown
Saffron Citra3.8%Golden
SalopianLemon Dream4.5%Golden
Spitting FeathersBrainstorm4.0%Golden
Session Beer3.6%Golden
TringDrop Bar4.0%Pale Ale
Tea Kettle Stout4.7%Stout
Fortitude4.2%Best Bitter
White ParkStumped4.3%Golden
That One4.7%Brown
WibblersHop Springs Eternal4.2%Golden
Hop- timistic4.1%Bitter
Wild CardKing of Hearts4.5%Blonde
YaarbrewCitrus Gold4.5%Gold
Robust Porter4.2%Porter