2017 Real Ales

Once again we have tried to find a selection of beers that includes some you wouldn’t normally find in Billericay or even Essex outside a beer festival whilst still supporting our local breweries.

Here is the provisional list as at the middle of May but we expect it to change as we get nearer the festival so please check the list to see if there are any updates and remember not all the beers will be available all the time but we will endeavour to have a good selection of styles and strengths at all times.

We also have a great selection of Ciders and Perrys.

BreweryBeerStrength StyleSponsor
AshoverAll Saits5.5%Wheat
Butts Pale Ale5.5%Pale Ale
BilericaySun Corner Gold3.9%Golden
Black Rod IPA4.2%Black IPADonated by Billericay Round Table
My Old Man3.9%Amber
Rusty's Revenge4.0%BlondeDonated by Billericay Round Table
Vanilla Bill3.9%Mild
DowntonEureka4.6%Pale Ale
Solvenia Dream4.5%Blonde
Elephant SchoolLager than LifeTbcKolsch
EnfeildLondon Porter5.5%Porter
Great HeckAmish Mash4.7%Wheat
KeppelsGolden Crow4.0%BlondeDonated by Keppels Brewery
Two Crows5.7%Old Ale
London Fields3 Weiss Monkeys5.0%Wheat
Hackney Hopster4.2%Pale Ale
Love Not War4.2%Red
LythamIce King4.4%Blonde
Pilsner Radler3.8%Pilsner
Mad SquirrelHopfest3.8%Pale Ale
Mister Squirerel4.0%Bitter
Mighty OakCaptain Bob3.8%Bitter
White Willow4.9%Wheat
New RiverLost River4.0%Pale Ale
Riverbed Red4.2%Red
Old DairySilver Top4.5%Cream Stout
Summer Top3.6%Golden
SaffronEssex Serpent4.5%Brown
Saffron Citra3.8%Golden
SalopianLemon Dream4.5%Golden
Spitting FeathersBrainstorm4.0%Golden
Session Beer3.6%Golden
TringDrop Bar4.0%Pale Ale
Tea Kettle Stout4.7%Stout
Fortitude4.2%Best Bitter
White ParkStumped4.3%Golden
That One4.7%Brown
WibblersHop Springs Eternal4.2%Golden
Hop- timistic4.1%Bitter
Wild CardKing of Hearts4.5%Blonde
YaarbrewCitrus Gold4.5%Gold
Robust Porter4.2%Porter