The 2017 Crocus Wealth Cider Bar

Crocus Wealth LogoWe have again found some new ciders for you to sample this year as well as bringing back some old favourites. This is the list as at the middle of May, they may be some changes before the festival so please check again near the festival.


AbrahallsLily the pInk4.5%Cider
Loubi Lou4.0%Cider
Tutti Fruitti4.0%Cider
BarnardsMonty's Double6.0%Cider
Stray Dog5.8%Cider
Double VisionDouble Vision Medium7.4%Cider
Strawberry Cider5.0%Cider
HalletsNational Treasuer5.0%Cider
Oak Aged5.6%Cider
LilleysLilley's Strawberry4.0%Cider
Merry Monkey Scrumpy4.5%Cider
MolesBlack Rat Cider6.0%Cider
Sheppy'sFarmhouse Medium6.0%Cider
Old Connkey Scrumpy6.5%Cider
AbrahallsCracklin' Rose4.5%Perry
Double VisionImpeared Vision7.4%Perry
Lilley'sCrazy Goat Perry6.8%Pyder
Moles Black Rat Perry7.5%Perry