The 2017 Crocus Wealth Cider Bar

Crocus Wealth LogoIt’s a little too early to let you know what will be on the cider list but to give you  a taster here was the provisional  selection we had planned for 2017.


AbrahallsLily the pInk4.5%Cider
Loubi Lou4.0%Cider
Tutti Fruitti4.0%Cider
BarnardsMonty's Double6.0%Cider
Stray Dog5.8%Cider
Double VisionDouble Vision Medium7.4%Cider
Strawberry Cider5.0%Cider
HalletsNational Treasuer5.0%Cider
Oak Aged5.6%Cider
LilleysLilley's Strawberry4.0%Cider
Merry Monkey Scrumpy4.5%Cider
MolesBlack Rat Cider6.0%Cider
Sheppy'sFarmhouse Medium6.0%Cider
Old Connkey Scrumpy6.5%Cider
AbrahallsCracklin' Rose4.5%Perry
Double VisionImpeared Vision7.4%Perry
Lilley'sCrazy Goat Perry6.8%Pyder
Moles Black Rat Perry7.5%Perry