The 2018 Crocus Wealth Cider Bar

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Here is our provisional Cider list for 2018. The orders have been placed and we are just waiting for final confirmation. Not everything on the list we be available at all times but we will aim to offer a good selection whenever you visit the festival.

AbrahallsLily the pInk4.5%Cider
Thundering Molly5.2%Cider
Duddas TunBlackcurrant Dudda4.0%Cider
Cherry Dudda4.0%Cider
HalletsNational Treasuer5.0%Cider
LilleysLilley's Strawberry4.0%Cider
Merry Monkey Scrumpy4.5%Cider
MillwhitesSomer Gold5.0%Cider
Sheppy'sFarmhouse Medium6.0%Cider
Thistly CrossOriginal6.0%Cider
AbrahallsCracklin' Rose4.5%Perry
Duddas TunPear O Duddas5.5%Perry
LilleysIckled Parrot4.0%Perry
MillwhitesApples & Pears5.0%Pyder