The 2018 Crocus Wealth Cider Bar

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Crocus Wealth have already agreed to sponsor the Cider Bar again in 2019 and we will try to find a good selection of styles and flavours, in the meantime here is what we had last year.

AbrahallsLily the pInk4.5%Cider
Thundering Molly5.2%Cider
Duddas TunBlackcurrant Dudda4.0%Cider
Cherry Dudda4.0%Cider
HalletsNational Treasuer5.0%Cider
LilleysLilley's Strawberry4.0%Cider
Merry Monkey Scrumpy4.5%Cider
MillwhitesSomer Gold5.0%Cider
Sheppy'sFarmhouse Medium6.0%Cider
Thistly CrossOriginal6.0%Cider
AbrahallsCracklin' Rose4.5%Perry
Duddas TunPear O Duddas5.5%Perry
LilleysIckled Parrot4.0%Perry
MillwhitesApples & Pears5.0%Pyder