2022 Sleigh Collection

Many thanks from Billericay Lions for the wonderful response from Billericay residents to our 2022 Sleigh Collection with a total donated of £5,965.

We unfortunately had to cancel half of our evening door to door street collections due to hazardous weather conditions during the first week of our sleigh collection. We were however able to complete five street collections and three supermarket statics.

Your generosity towards our local charity work in 2023 is much appreciated.

Billericay Lions would also like to thank all the volunteers who helped us with our Christmas Sleigh Collection. Also Essex Ford for lending us a decorated tow car (for the twelfth year), Lincon Batteries for lending us batteries to power the lighting and sound system, SureCare for sponsoring Santa’s sweets and Waitrose, Billericay and Tesco Mayflower for permission to collect at their stores.

Billericay Lions Club wish you a Happy and Healthy 2023