The 2019 Crocus Wealth Cider Bar

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Crocus Wealth are sponsoring the Cider Bar again in 2019 and we tried find a good selection of styles and flavours for you to taste. The orders have now been placed and here is what we hope to have but check back nearer the festival in case there have been any changes.

Berties Discovery (Med)6.0%Cider (Medium)
Celtic MarchesCuckoo Penny4.0%Cider (Medium)
Ruby Tuesday4.0%Cider (Medium)
Slack Alice4.6%Cider (Medium)
GwatkinSilly Ewe4.5%Cider (Dry)
LilleysApple & blackberry4.0%Cider (Medium)
Fire Dancer4.5%Cider (Medium)
Pineapple4.0%Cider (Sweet)
Red Rabbit6.0%Cider (Medium/Dry)
Berties Pearf-Hic6.5%Perry (Medium)
Double VisonImpeared Vision6.9%Perry (Medium)
GwatkinSqueal Pig4.5%Perry (Sweet)