Life in Our Schools

Brian Carline, our speaker in October, is a former Head Teacher with forty years experience in the profession.

In his early days of teaching it turns out he was originally half of a double act called Mr Carline and Mr Walling in the world of stand-up comedy, and was good enough to go onto to win the TV talent show “New Faces” in the mid-1970s!

He told us that one of the essential qualities of being a good teacher is a sense of humour, and this was well illustrated in his very amusing talk.

He has worked in a number of secondary schools in quite difficult areas of the country, from Toxteth and Salford to parts of Essex and the East End of London, and he recounted many amusing anecdotes about the staff, pupils and families which he has come across over the years.

He had us all laughing from the word go – and yet throughout his talk of the tough characters and difficult families his devotion to the job and his compassion for the pupils in his care was clear for us all to see.

A very entertaining evening which culminated in many of us remembering our own school experiences!