Billericay Lions hold two monthly club meetings at the Burstead Golf Club.

map burstead golf club
Burstead Golf Club location

Business meetings take place on the second Monday of every month with a Fellowship meeting on the fourth Monday.

At Fellowship meetings we aim to keep business to a minimum and have interesting speakers, fun competitions or outings such as darts, croquet, putting etc.

Meetings usually start at 8pm and end around 10 ish with a beer break in the middle and a chat after for those who stay.

Additionally each members is assigned to a committee (Community Service, Fund Raising, Social) who meet and report back to the club.

Currently due to Covid 19, meetings are held virtually using Zoom.

Prospective members are welcome to attend several meetings which gives them a no obligation opportunity to learn more about Lions and decide whether Lions is for them.

See our membership page for more information.