Message in a bottle

What is it?

It’s a simple idea for people to keep basic medical and personal details in a recognised common place in the house where it can be easily found in an emergency.

How does it work?

The information is kept in a small plastic bottle in your fridge door where the emergency services would expect to find it should they be called to your home.

The existence of the bottle is made known to the services by two labels. One fixed to the inside of your front door and the other fixed to your fridge door.

Who supports the scheme?
  • Ambulance Service
  • Police
  • Fire & Rescue Services
  • NHS Primary Care Trusts Emergency Doctors
What does it cost?
It’s Free

Costs are paid by your local Lions Club from money raised from their fundraising activities

If you are interested:

Bottles are available on our Saturday morning bookstall outside Poundland

Or contact
Lions Club of Billericay
The Loft, Crown Yard, High Street
Billericay, CM12 9BX
Telephone 0345 833 9849

Or your local Lions Club