Christmas Sleigh 2020

Lions Sleigh 2020 Update 27th November 2020

Great News!

Billericay Lions will be able to bring Santa round the streets of Billericay on the Lions sleigh this year, providing we remain in Tier 2. We will do so only if the sleigh can be run safely for both the public and the Lions volunteers. If we are moved all up to Tier 3, I’m afraid we will not be able to continue.

Unfortunately, the sleigh will not be present at any “statics” i.e. outside local supermarkets or in the High Street Car Park. We think it is just too difficult to ensure a safe environment for all.

For our evening street routes, we will start on Wednesday 16th December and cover all the routes we usually cover on the Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and the Monday and Tuesday, finishing on the 22nd. We will still be playing the usual Christmas music, and Santa will be with us on the sleigh. We hope to bring a little bit of normality and Christmas cheer in these strange days of restrictions.

However, there will be some changes to our usual routine. We will not have collectors knocking on doors with buckets, handing out leaflets and hoping for donations. The sleigh will drive slowly around the streets but not be stopping for any reason (apart from traffic safety). We hope you will understand this and not approach the sleigh and perhaps watch from indoors or from your garden. Santa will not be handing out sweets. Please also keep the children back from Santa and the sleigh. Apart from the potential dangers, we really don’t want Santa falling ill with Coronavirus and not being able to deliver presents at Christmas!

This year the routes will be combined so that instead of one route per evening we will be doing 2 normal routes combined. There are 2 reasons for this. Firstly, as the sleigh will not be accompanied by collectors and will not be stopping we can cover more ground in each session. Secondly, keeping the number of outings to as small a number as possible also reduces potential exposure of our volunteers. Full details of the routes and dates will appear here next week, as will our usual leaflet including our President’s Message.

Another innovation we will include this year will be real-time tracking of the sleigh each evening. This will help you see where we are during the run, and, with the map of the routes, will help you estimate when the sleigh will be in your street so you can look out for our arrival.

As we will not be collecting, we will include a “Donations” button on our website and Facebook page, alongside the dates and routes. If you would like to support Billericay Lions, and feel able to do so, we would appreciate any donation you are able to give to support our work throughout next year.

We hope to see you on our rounds, and hope that you enjoy the show.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Derek Prior
Billericay Lions Fundraising Chairman