Bleed Control Bags

Billericay Lions recently donated £550 to the Liam Taylor Legacy Fund sponsoring five bleed control bags .

The Liam Taylor Legacy Fund Charity was set up by Julie Taylor after her grandson was stabbed to death outside a Pub in Essex.

The Charity promotes the installation of Bleed Control Bags in public places so that immediate life saving action can be taken in the event of catastrophic bleeds such as stab victims, gun-shot wounds, accidents etc.

On the 6th March 2023, several members of Billericay Lions, Julie Taylor of the Charity, Essex Police and members of Billericay Street Pastors visited five businesses in Billericay High Street to install and instruct staff in usage of these bleed control bags.

Julie had previously installed two bags in the High Street so there are now bleed control bags in the following seven locations: The Red Lion, Harry’s Bar, The Chequers, The Railway, French Martini, The Crown and Blue Boar.

Billericay Lions are pleased to fund and participate in the installation of these units because they really do have the potential to save lives and are part of our community works in Billericay/Essex.